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Early H2 Owner Impressions

July 8, 2002:

Just got back from a day of wheeling in the H-2 around some of the local "play" areas for a magazine article. Here are some of my impressions:

  • Gets alot of looks around town, but still not as much as the H-1 (burnt orange)
  • Was unimpressed with the plastic air lift hooks and louvre, and the faux chrome brushgaurd
  • Nice interior, very comfy with all the controls in the right places. Better than average sound system.
  • Very quiet interior. Actually too quiet in the off-road situations where I often use the sound of the engine to gauge throttle.
  • Shifting into high lock and low lock is easy enough, but I never trust those little buttons. Give me a lever!
  • The suspension is soft and flexy, and gave a comfortable ride on the rough roads, and good control on the off camber rocks
  • The side steps suck. They were constantly getting in the way as they stick out the sides of the vehicle. Good for effect as we scrape over rocks though.
  • With the rear diff lock engaged we were able to climb up some fairly technical granite (slippery) rock faces.
  • As a comparison it did climb one section that I have not gotten my stock 2002 TJ up (yet). All it took was putting my foot into and a little creative route finding :-)

Going out again tomorrow, maybe we'll see how the fording capabilities are! BFG

July 11, 2002:

Well, we took an H2 for a test drive this afternoon. The new local dealer in Tulsa received his first two trucks this afternoon. There is good news and bad news about the H2: The good news is that it has really cool D-rings on the back bumper, the bad news is my wife is crazy over it. She didn't like the yellow, she thinks it looks too much like it should say "Tulsa Public Schools" down the side, but she loves the Metallic Red. It actually looks more maroon than red. We drove the adventure model so it had the adjustable air ride on the rear suspension and an air pump inside the back door.

The H2 is much larger that I thought it would be and has more leg room than you see in the pictures. We parked our HUMMER wagon near it and I was impressed with the dimensions other than the width. The salesman referred to my truck as an H1 so I politely let him know many of us don't really like that name. The H2 windshield is almost vertical but it has a significant curve to it. Hopefully that might make it less likely to crack. The H2 bumpers stick out a bit so the approach and departure angle will not be anything like a HUMMER, especially if you install the optional electric winch in the front receiver hitch. The biggest drawback we saw was there is no room for any kind of storage if you get the optional third row seat. There was a first aid kit behind the third seat in the truck we drove. Nothing else would fit. They should have left a little room for some groceries and winch accessories, etc.

Visibility was excellent, engine power was ample, fit and finish was everything I expected. The ground clearance was better than I expected. The plastic helicopter lift hooks on the hood were just silly. The salesman said they were there to help open the hood but they looked fragile. The H2 should come with removable running boards as standard equipment because most owners will probably want them sooner or later. Overall I think we will be buying one, maybe let the factory work out a few bugs, but we definitely need a bigger garage to fit both trucks.

I went into the dealer today ready to reject the whole idea of the H2, now it looks like we will probably bring one home some time soon.

July 15, 2002:

I took delivery of my Hummer H2 two days ago. I LOVE this thing! I can't believe I was able to buy a SUV like this for as little as they cost: The boys at Hummer definitely left lots of money on the table....I would have gladly, eagerly and just as readily spent $20,000 more for it!

I kind of wish it did cost more....that way less people will eventually have them. It drives like a dream. One thing I find funny is how other SUV drivers will respond to it....the women don't even notice me, while almost all the men just stare (signs of drool seem apparent too).

Hey...I've got to go pick up my daughter at school....gotta run. I love ANY excuse to drive this thing. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 28, 2002:

I've had mine since July 20, and LOVE it. I read some reviews about them and the one negative thing that I had read was that at highway speed, the reviewer called it "sluggish" due to lack of aerodynamics. I have not found this to be the case at all.

We have taken it very limitedly off-road (fire trails in Northern California, some mild sand dunes) and I'm really happy with it. Off-road the ride is smooth, in deep sand and mud I don't have any slippage, and I can walk her over obstacles with aplomb. I look forward to something more challenging sometime soon. Since I'm a newbie, we're going to go to Hollister before taking on anything more demanding.

On the road, we've towed a 20' boat in tow/haul mode and the transmission gearing in that mode is a dream. No more unexpected two-gear-shifting, but a smooth, easy transition. (Actually made the mistake of pulling the boat OVER a chock I had forgotten to remove. )

People love it (with the exception of H1 owners...) I have had a lot of strangers come up and ask to take a look. People on the road really gawk and stare, which is really kind of fun.

My one complaint is that the rear windshield wiper leaks if you fill the reservoir too full. Don't fill it so full and the problem goes away. GM also knows about the problem as they disclosed it to us upon purchase.

September 2, 2002:

1st driving impressions....Oh Gawd this thing ROCKS.

We took a little trip to Lake Fork to drop off the 4 Wheeler and on the way back I got to drive! The back roads of Texas aren't the most fun, but country folk can still be relied on for entertainment.

The only complaint I have so far - as if I had any input, which I don't, is I don't get to drive it enough. Oh and we've put 74.00 in gas in it in 3 days. Yippee!

I knew it had passed the Keeper test when I looked over and my wife was finishing a French Manicure on her toes at 60 MPH down a country road. Now there's a TV commercial.