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If you do not know what an Internet mailing list is, please read the H2ML FAQ.

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Your e-mail client will open, ready to send an e-mail containing the appropriate command. In most cases, you only need to hit "send". If you wish to subscribe an e-mail address other than the one connected with your e-mail client, you'll need to add that address at the end of the line starting with "subscribe". Make sure it's on the same line, and not on a separate line.

You will receive a confirmation message by e-mail.
It must be returned, according to the instructions, before your subscription takes effect.

Viruses cannot be transmitted over the mailing list directly. They can, however, be spread from one list member to another. You are joining an email-based community. If you use Windows, you should have anti-virus software installed on your computer and you should make sure your computer is free of viruses at all times.

*Please do not use an "alias" address, one which automatically forwards mail to another e-mail address.

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